Trailer for Lost Face uses my music!

2016-06-01 15:26:42 by sleepFacingWest

I'm pretty happy that the trailer for Lost Face has been released. 

Lost Face is a film based on a short story by Jack London. A tribe captures, tortures, and kills a band of fur thieves. While the character Subienkow watches his last remaining compatriot enduring torture and certain death, he hatches a desperate plan to save his life. This trailer features "The Horror of Self", a droney violin piece I wrote heavily influenced by the plainchant music of medieval composer Hildegard von Bingen and the tintinnabulation technique of Arvo Pärt. There are light undertones of Appalachian folk music peppered throughout the melodic motifs, evoking a morose sense of mystique, regret, and desire for redemption. 

The original track, "The Horror of Self", can be found here:

(or on NewGrounds here:

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2016-06-01 15:55:03

Well done! I did hear The Horror of Self some time back, but really glad to see you're going places with your music. Keep at it!