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Love this! The soundfont use in the score was also a nice touch for genre-specific realism.


Stradomyre responds:

Gonna have to attribute the amazingness to your scoring as well! I’ll never stop thankin ya— So thank you again!! :D

Holy crap dude, this is amazing!

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lovely lofi melancholy vibes. I wouldn't mind hearing an alternate take with vocals. Maybe include it as a bonus track or release it as a single?

SentryTurbo responds:

maybe one day

really great playing and singing!
There's a lot of room reverberation in the recording. You can fix this in a number of ways.
If you have a closet big enough to fit your guitar in, you could try recording in there. This is surprisingly effective especially if you have a lot of clothes in there as they help absorb some of the reflective sound.
If the room is pretty small, you could try hanging some blankets up on the walls. There was awhile when I lived in a big basement room I hung rods going across the ceiling so I could clip blankets to them to partition off a little booth when I needed to do some recording.
Another fix might be to build a reflection filter. They sell these for an absurd amount, but essentially you put some sound absorbing material in a box, and set your microphone in there so it only records the sound in front of it and not the reflections from the ceiling/back wall/floor/etc. For the absorbing material, acoustic foam is great, a cut up egg crate mattress would work, or even some rags if you're really on a budget.
Anyway, fantastic work regardless. I think a little work on your recording technique would really help the listener focus on an otherwise flawless performance. Keep it up!

Ozcar responds:

Thanks for the advise. Hadn't sing for a while, so let's keep it for now like this. Thanks again ;)

The balance in this is pretty good. Nothing sticks out like a sore thumb, and I can hear the parts as individuals as well as a whole. It's a little compression-happy, but that feels appropriate for the genre.

The melodies are good, but the piece feels a little loopy to me. The riser at 2:16 is the first time I can hear you pushing the notes around (via pitch bend), but the rest of the track, while works formally, is a little repetitive. I had a teacher who used to browbeat us (students) for writing (acoustic music) directly into Finale because she said she could hear the copy and paste. She believed that even if you were repeating a section verbatim, by doing it with pen and paper it forced you to have an intimacy with the notes and you really had to consider if rote repetition was the right choice. I think a lot of times it's easy to be caught in the same trap with electronic music. We make loops, we copy and paste them, we layer loops in different ways, and then we end it. I am 100% guilty of doing this myself. The challenge with this sort of stuff is to find ways to keep things interesting. Dance music often lends itself to repetition, but the devil is in the details. I'd try to find ways to keep phrases fresh when they come back again, or if they are repeated exactly, make sure they pay off somehow.

That said, the sound design sounds pretty good, and I don't really have any critiques on the mix.

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love this dokey guy. I want to see a series of horror shorts with him a la uzumaki!

looks amazing! really great work.

I would totally do chiptune covers of the score if you made this into a game. Love the designs.

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