Entry #1

new website!

2015-07-29 19:53:42 by sleepFacingWest

A few months ago I'd started a blog to post free short loopable audio for game developers and animators. This way I could help out with creative projects, showcase samples of my abilities (in an effort to drum up more work), and give me an excuse to write regularly regardless of whether I had a specific project to work on.

I started off with a generic tumblr site as I wanted to dive right into writing and not have to worry about losing steam while designing a new site. That said, it never seemed very professional to point prospective clients towards a tumblr address. I've finally moved to my own fancy domain and am excited to share it with the creative community. I proudly present sleepfacingwest.com!


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2015-07-29 23:44:34

Nice blog/website. :)

sleepFacingWest responds:

Thanks! It's minimal, but functional :)


2015-07-30 01:03:35


sleepFacingWest responds:



2016-02-06 17:38:16

How's business? Making mad bank yet?

sleepFacingWest responds:

Sadly I had to take a bar job again in September and have been trying to lick my financial wounds since. I've gotten a handful of scoring gigs since then, but it's hard to keep my energy up after running around and shaking blocks of ice all night. The producers of the latest gig requested Cowboy Bebop style jazz though, so it's a thrill when I can squirrel enough time away from sleep and work to pick at it. Cool spy inspired big band stuff is SUPER fun for me, but it takes a lot of work and it unfortunately isn't a booming market.

All petty complaints aside, I'm trying to remain positive and am determined to find healthy ways to keep energy up and write more music. My creative cork has *finally* come undone in the last month or so (after a nearly decade long dry spell) and I'm confident I'll find a way to balance passion and obligation.