A clip from a spy jazz project!

2016-02-14 08:40:33 by sleepFacingWest

I've had the good fortune of finding producers of a game who want big band jazz music inspired by the likes of Cowboy Bebop, Archer, The Venture Bros, and virtually all my other favorite shows. I unfortunately can't share the full scores until the game comes out, but I'll make sure to post links to the OST when everything is ready to go. That said, I'm super happy with the work done so far! 




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2016-03-11 20:09:33

I really like the tone to this piece! I can imagine a climax with the sense of humor in character's emotions! The project I am still trying to develope will have a mixture of fantasy/dark fantasy and celtic genre which hopefully does not sound too cliche, but I will make shorts to get feedback on my originality thus being my goal. If you have anything that you have done or can do that would fit those types of genres, I can't wait to hear them! :) thanks for your interest in my work!

sleepFacingWest responds:

Thanks! It can be a bit tough to hit the nail on the head without a sense of character design, animation style, or story. While I think I could do something in this style, it would probably sound less generic if I wrote something specifically for scenes of your project. If you put something together, send it my way and I can take a crack at scoring it :)