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front-paged! Well done

Great character work! The exaggerated movements remind me a bit of John K.

Really gorgeous animation. I love the comic book cutaway sequence!

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The balance in this is pretty good. Nothing sticks out like a sore thumb, and I can hear the parts as individuals as well as a whole. It's a little compression-happy, but that feels appropriate for the genre.

The melodies are good, but the piece feels a little loopy to me. The riser at 2:16 is the first time I can hear you pushing the notes around (via pitch bend), but the rest of the track, while works formally, is a little repetitive. I had a teacher who used to browbeat us (students) for writing (acoustic music) directly into Finale because she said she could hear the copy and paste. She believed that even if you were repeating a section verbatim, by doing it with pen and paper it forced you to have an intimacy with the notes and you really had to consider if rote repetition was the right choice. I think a lot of times it's easy to be caught in the same trap with electronic music. We make loops, we copy and paste them, we layer loops in different ways, and then we end it. I am 100% guilty of doing this myself. The challenge with this sort of stuff is to find ways to keep things interesting. Dance music often lends itself to repetition, but the devil is in the details. I'd try to find ways to keep phrases fresh when they come back again, or if they are repeated exactly, make sure they pay off somehow.

That said, the sound design sounds pretty good, and I don't really have any critiques on the mix.

Well written! This has a really cinematic feel to it, and it sits in a really delicate place between forlorn longing, love, mystery, and excitement.

The mix sounds pretty good. The viola (violin?) at 0:34 sounds a little synthetic, but for some reason it doesn't bother me much in the context of the genre. Adding a tiny bit of room reverb to this might help cover up some of the software feel of this, but in general the performance is good.
1:01 - the percussive hit on the 2 and 4 is a bit bright. I'd pull that back a touch. It's not overtly loud, but its just enough over what I'd expect for this genre that it pulls away a lot of attention after the 4 bar or so.
You've done a really good job of getting realistic performances out of your MIDI instruments which is incredibly hard. I feel like this took a ton of work.
I'd love to have heard some dubstep elements in this. As is, it sits very neatly as a genre piece. You've done everything you set out to do, and the piece evokes some strong imagery and colors in my head. That said, I really want to hear a unique twist on this. If you continue to work on this, I'd love to hear how you make it uniquely yours.

Tennon responds:


Compositionally, this track seems to do everything you needed it to do for the genre. Sounds and feels dubsteppy!
3:54 - The lead synth here is WAY too bright. You could knock that back a good amount and it would still cut through the texture. Make sure after you rest your ears for a few hours to check your mix at super low volume. You'll hear things like this popping through the mix immediately.
Everything else sounds pretty good to me. Admittedly dubstep is not my thing but I can't subtract any points for simply being a genre I don't listen to on heavy rotation. Besides the aforementioned balance issue, you've got high marks. This is a great example of a dubstep track, but to get a score bump I'd like to hear something more uniquely 'you' coming through in this. You've got a good feel for balance, mixing, and form. You mentioned that this was 'generic'. If you want to bump this to the next level, I'd think about putting more of your specific personality into the next track (at least for competition). That said, well done!

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awesome! I got screwed by work this year so I couldn't go. Hope it's awesome.

Awesome as always!

I really love the surreal quality of the backgrounds.

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